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Work and Wage

8 Hour Day and Minimum Wage Campaign

March to Parliament Against Violation of Labour Rights

Using Minimum Wages to Organise the Unorganised

Submissions to the 42nd ILC

Towards a Just Minimum Wage

Submission to the Ministry on the draft Industrial Relations Code

Contract Work

Contract labour in a Globalised World

Survey of Contract Labour in Karnataka

Note on the Sixth Pay Commission and Class IV employees

Statement on Contract Work

Trade Unions united against precarious work

NTUI objections to proposed amendments to the CLARA, 1970

Women and Work

Gender Equality and the Trade Union Movement

Women and Work

Unionisation of Women Workers in Tamil Nadu

Comments on Sexual Harassment Bill

Statement on ILO Convention on Domestic Work

Submission to Ministry of Labour on Domestic Work

Right to Association for Sex Work

Social Protection

PDS – A Universal Workers’ Right

Critique of Social Security Bill

On Universal Social Security

Memorandum to Labour Minister on social security

Public Distribution System: a universal right

Objections to the Draft Labour Code on Social Security and Welfare

Statement on the new EPF withdrawal rules


Joint memorandum on Nandigram

NTUI Handbill on Industrialisation, Land Acquisition and Displacement

Note on Special Economic Zones

Resolution for a people’s Foreign Policy

March for Right to Democratic Dissent

On the Mumbai Attack

Note on Climate Change

Justice for Unilever Kodaikanal Workers

Note on WTO endorsement

Raipur Satyagraha for release of Binayak Sen

Joint TU letter on WTO

Joint Indo-Pak TU statement on Terrorism in South Asia

Joint Statement on terrorism in Mumbai

Workers’ Charter for the 16th Lok Sabha elections

Workers’ charter for the 15th Lok Sabha elections

Revival of union movement in kashmir

Against capital punishment

Trade Union for peace and development

Statement on Bhopal Gas Verdict

Statement on Nuclear Liability Bill

Statement demanding democratisaton of Nuclear Policy

Note on Compulsory licensing of generic drugs

Statement on NCERT textbook cartoon row

Joint Statement condemning the attack on Com. Pansare

Joint Statement on PM’s Visit to USA

Statement on attacks against Rohingyas

Statement on Land Rehabilitation Ordinance

A report on Why are People Protesting in Kashmir

Statement on the FRDI Bill